EriCarina is a small independent brand run by a Japanese family, specializing in small girls’ outfit, knitwear and underwear.

Five-year old Japanese girl Ms. Erica Founded and became the Creative Director for EriCarina, a brand for little ladies, created by Ms. Erica and her family.

The EriCarina brand is geared towards little ladies aged 1 to 9, bringing out the 'fun' feeling of transformation girls get when dressing up in big costumes as princesses, forest animal, and adult-like looks into actual useful everyday-items.

From fabrics to production, all EriCarina products are made in Japan, and the family strives to use eco-materials such as eucalyptus, bamboo, re-cycled materials in most of the creations.

EriCarina production lines are run by skilled craftsman and seamstresses from local Fuji-Yoshida area-an area where it is known for the 1000yrs. of Kimono making history.

In order to maintain quality and the value of the designs, all EriCarina products are produced by small quantity of no more than 50 pieces per design.

Some special products are made only by order, hand crafted piece by piece at the in-house studio "the forest house" located by Mt. Fuji. 

The family sees children's clothing not as a disposable item as children grow out of, but as something they can grow with in a  mental, and  in a physical way. Patterns are made carefully to allow the continuous wear even when children become taller, and along silhouettes shapes are employed for bodies.

Each products come with a special note and a care-label in easy- to-understand words with illustrations, so that little client can learn about her new garment.

EriCarina is something that girls will love and treasure, and parents will appreciate for it’s unique functionality.

But most of all it comes with a touch of warmth like a grand-mother’s special craft for her grand-daughter that remains as a childhood memory.  



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